Sharjah International Library Conference العربية

Tuesday, November 7, 2023
Collaborating communities: the RDA experience and its implications for common information environments

This workshop is intended for librarians and library staff responsible for cataloging and all GLAMs. The workshop would be interested for those who are interested in applying linked open data to their catalogs. Attendees should already be familiar with the basic concepts and application of RDA.

During the last decade, cultural heritage institutions have been exploring the benefits of applying Linked Open Data to their catalogs. In parallel, new methods such as Labs and Collections as Data have emerged to promote the reuse and publication of digital collections suitable for computational use. In addition, data quality has become a key consideration for the research community when training models based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Therefore, the RDA steering committee in their strategic plan for 2023 - 2025 emphasized the importance of reaching out to cultural institutions across the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) sector to harmonize our practices to further support interoperability

This workshop will introduce the use of RDA and linked data in the GLAMS; shedding light on the experience of the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes (Spain) and their experience with the linked data. It will also introduce the new updates in the RDA Toolkit in line with the new release of the NEW Toolkit in September 2023; introducing the new features included and how we could use RDA for Authority in the archives and museums.

The catalog of the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes contains approximately 350,000 records which were originally created in compliance with the MARC21 standard. The entries in the catalog were migrated to a relational database the data model of which adheres to the FRBR and FRAD specifications. The database content was later mapped, by means of an automated procedure, to RDF triples based on the RDA vocabulary (Resource Description and Access) to describe the entities, properties and relationships. A new interface was developed, which supports browsing and searching the information, and is available at The repository was enriched with external databases such as VIAF, Wikidata and GeoNames. The data quality of the repository was assessed by applying semi-automatic and automatic methods, based on the use of SPARQL and Shape Expressions.


Rania Osman

Rania Osman,
Head of Information Institutions and Professional Skills Department,
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
Chair of the RDA Arabic Translation Team
Africa representative to the RDA Board Active member of the International GLAM Labs community in the Mena region

Dr. Gustavo Candela

Dr. Gustavo Candela,
lecturer at the University of Alicante and a software developer and
researcher at the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes since 2010.
Active member of the International GLAM Labs community
Member of the Code4Lib Editorial Committee and Wikimedia Spain, and has explored the use of Wikidata in the GLAM context.