Two-day Conference Program

Wednesday, November 10, 2021
8:30–9:30 Registration
Librarians’ Lounge, Sharjah Expo Centre Lobby
9:30–10:30 Welcome

Ahmed Al Ameri

Ahmed Al Ameri,
Sharjah Book Authority

Opening Keynote

Dr.Carla Hayden

Dr. Carla Hayden,
Librarian of Congress

10:30–11:00 Break and Visit the Exhibits
11:00–11:55 Session A (concurrent programs)

Libraries in the MENA Region During Covid and Beyond

Dr.Hassan A.Alsereihy

AFLI President Alsereihy provides a review of the AFLI survey of how libraries in the MENA Region have responded during the pandemic, and his analysis on what it means for the libraries and library associations in the region moving forward.

Dr. Hassan A. Alsereihy, Department of Information Science King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and President of the Arab Federation for Libraries & Information (AFLI)

Helping Students Cope and Recover through Bibliotherapy

The pandemic has been especially hard on students at all levels. Bibliotherapy can be used in school libraries as educational institutions in helping students overcome their educational and personal difficulties. The presentation defines bibliotherapy; what it is, and through examples its importance and benefits.

Dr.Huda Abbas

Dr. Huda Abbas,
Director of Library and Research, King's Academy,Madaba – Manja, Jordan

12:00–12:55 Session B (concurrent programs)

School Librarians of the Year: Sharing Stories, Lessons, and Keys to Successes

This year’s recipients of the School Librarian of the Year Awards*, organized by the Emirates Literature Foundation, will show you how they created successful school library programs.

“..Go Together!” — The Critical Role of Libraries in Fostering Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Closing the Information and Digital Divide

Tracie Hall

Tracie Hall,
Executive Director, American Library Association

13:00–14:00 Lunch and Library Exhibits
14:00–14:55 Session C (concurrent programs)

Libraries and Skill Audits

The pandemic and adaptions to library services has highlighted the need for performing a skills audit to identify the gaps in knowledge in the organization. Learn from about the steps and benefits of a skills audit and how it sets out a road map for the organization and individual staff.

Stuart Hamilton

Presenter: Stuart Hamilton,
Head of Libraries Development at the Local Government Management Agency, Ireland

Serving the Visually Impaired

Dr. Fatma Elzahraa Mohamed Abdo

Dr. Fatma Elzahraa Mohamed Abdo,
Library and Assistive Technology consultant, American University in Cairo. Egypt

15:00-15:55 Poster Session - Visual presentations of best practices
16:00-16:55 Session D (concurrent programs)

Public Engagement During the Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities

The Qatar National Library rapidly modified and developed its service to meet the needs of its community during the pandemic. Many of these services will continue after the pandemic. Learn how to be successful in engaging a wider community.

Abeer Al Kuwari

Abeer Al Kuwari,
Director, Research & Learning Services, Qatar National Library

Thursday, November 11, 2021
8:30–9:00 Registration (and beverages and snacks)
9:00–9:50 Session E (concurrent programs)

Faculty-Librarian Collaborations: Integrating the Information Literacy Framework into Disciplinary Courses

Librarians and faculty need to work together now more than ever to help prepare students for success in the classroom and beyond. Building off ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education, Stöpel provides effective approaches to reach, convince, and partner with faculty to develop curriculum that integrates information literacy into the disciplines.

Stuart Hamilton

Michael Stöpel,
User Services Librarian for the American University of Paris.

Creating Globally Aware Students to Face the Challenges Ahead

Kadijah Ali Al-Saeed

Kadijah Ali Al-Saeed,
School Librarian, Nadeen International School, Bahrain

10:00-10:45 Keynote


Patty Wong

Patty Wong,
ALA President Director, Santa Monica Public Library

10:45-11:15 Break and Library Exhibits
11:15–12:10 Session F (concurrent programs)

Telling the Technical Services Story: Communicating Value

Technical Services isn’t the hidden discipline it once was. Despite some cross-departmental interaction, misconceptions about the work are all too common. It’s incumbent on technical services staff to take a proactive approach by communicating to others their value to the library and institutional mission. This session spotlights successful initiatives and gives you the guidance to bolster communication within departments, across the library, and campus-wide.

Kimberley Edwards

Kimberley Edwards,
Head of Database Integrity and Analysis, George Mason University Libraries, U.S.A.

Tricia Mackenzie

Tricia Mackenzie,
Head, Metadata Services at George Mason University Libraries

Strategic Partnerships Move Libraries Forward

Libraries need to continue to expand their partnerships to succeed in their mission. Learn how the Library Department of Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi has partnered with local and federal entities, community groups, NGO’s to respond collaboratively during the Covid19 health crisis with both sides benefiting from the partnership. The Library Department’s proactive approach to partnership has increased awareness of the value of libraries during the pandemic. The main strategies can be adapted for all types of libraries within their communities.

Salma Al Rezai

Salma Al Rezai,
Branch Libraries Manager, Abu Dhabi Department for Culture and Tourism

Juma Al Daheri

Juma Al Daheri,
Manager Zayed Central Library in Al Ain, Department of Culture and Tourism

12:15– 13:15 Knowledge Café
An opportunity for one on one and group discussions with experts and colleagues to ask, answer, discuss different issues and challenges going on in libraries. Come away with knowledge, ideas, and strategies to move yourself and your library forward.
13:15- 14:15 Lunch and Library Exhibits
14:15-15:10 Session G (concurrent programs)

Government Libraries- Vital Resources

Julius Jefferson

Government agency libraries of all types have always been important for providing research, data, and report to government officials to make sound decisions, and to provide government information to the public. This has been even more vital during the pandemic. How are government libraries responding and how can they work collaborative with others in the library community.

Julius Jefferson, Jr., Immediate Past-President, ALA.

Audiobooks: Offering Users New Services

Nadine Achkar

During the pandemic access to electronic services exploded with limitations on access to print collections. The use of e-resources by users in all types of libraries is expected to continue. This includes Audiobooks. The global market for Audiobooks is expected to grow by five- fold in the next six years. Learn more about how your library can expand into this new service area.

Nadine Achkar, Account Manager, Global Libraries & Education, Overdrive

Digitizing Your Valuable Collections for the World: Creating, Teaching, and Promoting Heritage and Community Collections

During the crisis many libraries are transforming important physical collections into dynamic digital ones to share beyond the library walls. Learn from The American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR) in Jordan procedures and tools, and also insights into engaging new audiences through innovative outreach. And how partnerships with museums and others can assist in training staff new skills, and how staff can train the public and others (students, faculty) for their projects.


Jessica Holland

Jessica Holland,
American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR), Amman Jordan

Samya Khalaf Kafafi

Samya Khalaf Kafafi,
Assistant Librarian,
ACOR, Amman, Jordan


12:15– 13:15 Knowledge Café
An opportunity for one on one and group discussions with experts and colleagues to ask, answer, discuss different issues and challenges going on in libraries. Come away with knowledge, ideas, and strategies to move yourself and your library forward.
15:15–16:10 Session H (concurrent programs)
16:15-16:45 Close of Conference- Distribution of Certificates